Tin packaging

Round shapes

Diameter 77  mm
Height 60÷310 mm
Top cover and inside cover 

Diameter 98 mm
Height 60÷320 mm
Top cover and inside cover 

Diameter 83,4 mm
Height from 70 to 300 mm

Diameter 190 mm
Height 60÷90 mm

One-piece can

Diameter 99 and 83,4 mm
Height 22 and 40 mm

Oval shape

Oval shape 100 x 60
Height ≥ 60 mm.

Oval shape 117x70 mm
Height ≥ 60 mm

Rectangular, square shapes

Size 181x135 mm
Height 65÷80 mm

Size 140х105 mm
Height 100÷240 mm

Chemical containers

Cylindrical and square formed containers

Cone bucket
Volume 10/20/25 L
Base diameter 286 mm
Height from 200-440 mm
Cone bucket
Volume 5/10 L
Base diameter 210 mm
Governor 236 mm
Height from 171-330 mm
Volume 4L
Base 168x105 mm
Height 262 mm

Volume 5L
Base 168x105 mm
Height 315 mm

Diameter 72.8 mm
Height from 60 to 350 mm


Diameter 83.4 mm
Height 60÷350 mm


Cone bucket

Diameter: bottom 140 mm, top 150 mm
8K: height 170 mm, volume 2.4 l
10K: height 195 mm, volume 2.9 l

About company

A beautifully packed gift enhances its status. Exclusive packing of the gifts includes not only materials, but also a design approach. Dream-pack company represents tin packaging production of various purposes (for tea, coffee, sweets, other consumer products), mainly - souvenir containers of various shapes. Packaging of this manufacturer is distinguished by its exquisite design, quality and practicality. A prestigious and at the same time non-binding gift - sweets in the souvenir container of Dream-pack company or a funny unusual container for gifts will pleasantly satisfy both the eye and the taste. We have been long (for more than 15 years) and effectively cooperated with well-known trademarks: Roshen, MasterCard, Medoff, Stimul, Tavria, Zhytomyrsky Lasoshi, Makfa and many others who appreciated the high quality and service. New Year's gifts Nestle in Dream-pack package please both children and their parents with a bright festive design.

Any product in the Dream-pack package will be a prestigious gift that will pleasantly surprise and delight the receiver. The production of souvenir
packaging solves the problems of gift presentation and brings an element of a positive emotional mood. As practice shows, sweets in souvenir container or original alcohol packaging raise the status of a gift and can even become a surprise creating a festive mood, especially for the New Year Eve.

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